Tonka summit

“Dirt Doggin’” - Featuring the Tonka Summit, Mad Beast and aerial shots from a Skywalker. FPV like you’ve never seen before.

“Geek Gets Girl: Part 1 & 2’” - Featuring Will’s Tonka Summit on the quest for love. This is the crossover hit that put the TS on the map.

“St. Joe Beach’” - Featuring the Tonka Summit having a great time at the beach. By ReplayReb.

“Summit Speed Run’” - Featuring one of the coolest FPV Summit in cab views. By Roadgraders.

“FPV Monster Truck Mock Commercial” - Featuring the Tonka Summit pushing the the limits jumping stock Tonka trucks.

Video Channels

“FPV - Ground Pounding - Tonka Summit Mayhem” - Showing how tough the Tonka Summit really is.

“RockApe on Two Tree Island” - From one of the cleanest TS builds

“Tonka Summit - FPV Baja Racer” - More fun from racy style TS

“The Mystery Summit” - Scooby Do gets into a real ride!